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  • Sukkot with the Jewish Association of ThailandJoin us for Sukkot!
    September 27- October 6
    Services, Meals, BBQ Celebration, Simchat Torah
    Sukkot Schedule
  • Our Tishrei Shopping ListPartner with us to bring holiday meals to 10,800 people Donate here
  • WelcomeWelcome to our online center! We hope you find what you are looking for and come back often!
  • Who Controls the Weather?What is our responsibility toward the environment?Read More
  • The Peasants’ Journeythey were often dismissed by the more elite classes . . .Read More
  • TzimtzumRead More
  • Life Lessons from Parshat BereishitRabbi Gordon shares five inspirational lessons we derive from the Torah portion of Bereishit.Read More
  • Where Are the Four Rivers that Come from Eden?Read More
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