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  • Sukkot with the Jewish Association of ThailandJoin us for Sukkot!
    September 27- October 6
    Services, Meals, BBQ Celebration, Simchat Torah
    Sukkot Schedule
  • Our Tishrei Shopping ListPartner with us to bring holiday meals to 10,800 people Donate here
  • WelcomeWelcome to our online center! We hope you find what you are looking for and come back often!
  • The Holiday That Doesn’t FitIs Simchat Torah off the map?Read More
  • Why Eat Stuffed Cabbage on Simchat Torah?I was wondering, what’s the connection between stuffed cabbage and Simchat Torah? Or is it just...Read More
  • All About Hoshana RabbahRead More
  • In My Creator’s ArmsHow can I dare to say that at times I feel so, so alone?Read More
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