Please Check the following Hospital sites to see whether your loved one has received treatment (even outpatient treatment is recorded here).


All Phuket Hospital Records


Phuket Hospital Admission records


Krabi Hospital Admissions Record


The following site is also a good resource


If the person you are searching for is not on any of the lists and you are a relative of the first degree (parent, spouse, sibling or child or next of kin) please contact the team of experts currently at work in Phuket and the surrounding Islands,


Fill out the attached forms and send it to the team at email:

 [email protected]


or fax it to (667) 6354056


If you wish the Chabad staff to be in contact with you regarding this case, please CC this form to below email. Please write MISSING PERSONS FORM in subject of email.

 [email protected]



Missing Persons Form

Attention Relief Staff


For Office Use Only:  Date of receipt:      /      /????"??

Details of Filer of report

First Name




Last Name




Relationship to missing person




Telephone (home and mobile) of filer




Email of filer









Missing Person Information

First Name



Last Name



Passport #



Citizen and resident of which city/country





At which location was the missing person last seen


To whom did the missing person last speak/email



Identifying features:





Hair Color




Please fax to 6676354056 or email to [email protected]