Chabad of Thailand is offering to send a complete Pesach Seder to your home which will include Seder plate with all items, matzas, wine and a full dinner.

This will be complimentary for those who need a little extra help during these trying times. 

NO JEW WILL BE LEFT BEHIND is our motto and we hope to have the privilege and pleasure of making sure every Jew in Thailand has a Passover Seder with all the trappings! If you know of someone who may be shy to reach out, please let us know in discretion. 

Shmura Matza is called in the Zohar the ‘food of faith, and food of healing’. We all need healing, preventive hopefully. We are making complimentary hand baked Shmura Matza from Israel available to all. If you stop by JCafe make sure to take your complimentary Shmura Matza or if you are ordering via phone or email please remember to ask for your Shmura Matzah. Its always important as it’s the MAIN MITZVAH of Passover eve, but this year it doesn’t take much convincing to make sure to incorporate your Shmurah Matzah into your Seder celebration. 

If you are in Thailand  email me for your matzah or whatsapp Yossi +66817535071 . If you are in another country email your local  Chabad center  they should be able to accommodate you please G‑d.


Passover Food Shop at JCAFE 

General Hours: 10:00 AM- 8:00 PM

Location: Third Floor of Mille Malle on Sukhumvit Soi 20

Tel: 02-106-4930 

JCAFE is open with a full range of Passover products. Full list on their website,

You can also order food via the website,  or via the apps, Food Panda and Line Man

JCafe can ship anywhere in Thailand. 

There is no shortage of Pesach supplies thank G‑d.