A call to action

Friday, 24 May, 2024 - 4:25 am

The tumultuousness of our times….

There is so much going on in the world.

As Jews, the specter of antisemitism has not been as virulent and open as the days leading up to the Holocaust.

Jewish students in the free world feel threatened by their Jewishness in the most exclusive universities in the world. This is a throwback to dark times.

The indictments from the ICC in Hague are disgraceful. It is ludicrous, beyond any rational explanation. To indict Israeli leadership for leading a war that was thrust upon them and equate them with the evil barbaric terrorist leaders who killed, raped, and abducted, is grossly immoral. Antisemitism dressed up in the genteel cloak of sophisticated libertarianism.

You can only shake your head incredulously and be in total disbelief when you listen to the words that are now spoken against Jews without shame.

Did I get you depressed?

I hope not.

That would be totally distracting and counterproductive.

(I would love to hear what you have to say about the following perspective.

Is it possible that we are we panicking in a way that is disproportionate to the level of danger?

Of course, every hate incident against Jews and Judaism, in Israel and in the diaspora is reprehensible. And we must nip it at its bud before it spreads forth its tenacles.

But let us also recognize the enormous blessings that we have in our times.

In Israel we have the blessed and holy IDF who protect the Jewish People in the land of Israel with supreme self-sacrifice.

Around the world, the responsible governments are reacting to the threats against Jewish interests with vigilance and concern.

This is not Europe of the late 30’s and early 40’s G-d forbid.

Is it possible that while we should not tolerate for an instant being marginalized, at the same time we should not fall into a crippling sense of despair either.

Let me know your thoughts on this ).

To me it seems clear what we need to do. The wave of antisemitism is a call to action. That we should start to take our Jewish identity far more seriously.

The hate that is emerging against us should be the biggest indicator that we are unique.

We have been given the Torah, the Mitzvahs and we ought to engage in joyful and energetic Jewish life.

My colleagues all around the world tell me that their Synagogues are fuller than ever before. Jewish identity is a priority for people raising children. Jews are coming out of the woodwork to connect.

In order to reach that ‘call to action’ that we should be sharing as much about authentic Judaism as we can.

Jewish people today are thirsty for Judaism. For authentic Torah and Mitzvahs. The eternal traditions of our people are the only true expression of our uniquely Jewish soul.

A Jew can only achieve true happiness when following the manual that has been set forth for Jewish souls.

Torah & Mitzvahs.

Let us be Jewish with pride and joy!

May Hashem turn to us with mercy and save us from those who seek to harm us.

May our soldiers and hostages come back safely, our wounded heal speedily and Mashiach come to usher in the world of revealed G-dliness that we yearn for.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Yosef Kantor

Comments on: A call to action

Peppie Tandhasetti wrote...

We are a Jewish family of 9 with some roots in Thailand. We are scheduled to visit (in July 2024 )our relatives & the land of Thailand.

Can you please let us know about Jewish safety. We have been to Thailand many times but not since Oct 7,2023.

We have not heard of difficulties but as the oldest member, I am concerned. We have also visited Israel & our passports will indicate this.

Thank you for your response a head of time.

Best regards,

Peppie Tandhasetti

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