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Myriads of Jews ONE opinion!

Friday, 27 March, 2020 - 5:51 am

By the Grace of G-d

Dear Friend,

Two Jews three opinions?

We like to joke about ourselves that we are a people that can’t get along. 

The problem with some jokes, is that sometimes we start believing them. 

But its not true. We are not fragmented. We are united.

Yes, we bicker a bit here and there. So do all good families. But we are deeply connected with each other at the same time. 

And this is precisely the reason we argue a fair bit. 

Because we care about each other. And because we care about the future of Judaism. 

When you care, you get passionate and emotional. 

Sometimes you even say something you wish you wouldn’t have said. 

(This is one of the significant challenges of being quarantined for long periods together with your loved ones).

To me it seems that we now have an indisputable proof that we are a very united people.

The spread of ‘the virus’ (I don’t even want to call it by name…. this is an ancient Jewish practice) among the Jewish community is a shocking yet quantifiable proof.

See the below quote from a prominent American Jewish publication explaining why the American Jewish community has to be extra careful in precautionary measures against the virus:

That’s because Jews today are among the most socially intimate groups in the nation, according to data. The Jewish American community, from the most religious to the most secular, is at unique risk from the coronavirus because the density of Jewish social networks across all denominations is almost twice as thick as that of the average American.

In a grim way, it is obvious that we are a VERY united people. 

OUR UNITY is a VERY good thing. Nothing negative about that AT ALL.

From the medical perspective this means we need more urging about keeping distance and protecting each other by staying away from each other.

But let us always remember. Our CLOSENESS is our strength. 

Right now, our closeness and love is expressed not by hugging and hand-shaking, rather by staying distanced physically. 

But emotionally we need to be even more present for each other. 

Dear fellow Jews be heartened and inspired! 

You belong to a nation that practices mutual responsibility for each other. 

The Jewish people LOVES going to Synagogue. RELISHES going to weddings. 

Yet, for the love of each other the Synagogues are closed. Weddings are held outdoors under a Chupa and exactly a minyan all distanced from each other as mandated by the laws of the various countries.

We are terrified that G-d forbid someone should be infected inadvertently by someone else who unknowingly was carrying the virus.

We act this way because we love each other. 

And we act this way because we love G-d.

G-d has told us to cherish and protect life. The sanctity and sacredness of life is what the entire world is now focused on.

How fortunate we are to be G-d’s children.

Look at yourself, look at those around you, and recognize the unique expression of social responsibility that we are blessed to be able to perform. Albeit at great expense to our financials and with huge sacrifice in myriad ways.

I would like to use this line of thought as a plea to our Father in Heaven.

And I invite you to join me in this in a kind of ‘class action’:

The Torah teaches us that the Second Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred between us. This was the final blow that thrust us into the exile that we have still not emerged from. Since then we have been persecuted and hounded and the world has been a morally lacking place. 

True, the world has shown signs of getting more civilized and morally sound, but these are baby steps compared to where we need to go.

Almighty G-d, it is quite clear that Your people is a united one! 

Now that we are certifiably and provably a loving and integrated nation, isn’t it only right that the sickness CEASE immediately, the exile be ended, Mashiach redeem us and the Temple be rebuilt again?

Perhaps we can go a step broader and further. 

Almighty G-d, 

Look at all the inhabitants of Your world, all of whom are created in Your image.

Look at the increased belief in You, G-d the Creator of the universe. No longer does anyone live with oversized and misplaced trust in might, money, power or fame. 

The tiny microbe has not skipped over royalty, government, militias or people of religious stature. 

There is no one who is not disrupted. No one who thinks they know or understand. Everyone is in a state of disbelief. 

All of humanity is in awe of Your absolute might and grandeur.

Some know how to say the word ‘G-d’, some still call You by your ‘disguised name’ ‘nature’ or other various names that really just mean You. 

This is the first step toward a new world order.

A world that fulfils its moral mandate of G-dly inspired laws for humanity. 

The reaction of humanity is astounding and inspiring.

The world has banded together to care more about human life than about money. Economies flounder but governments and society at large stay home to protect lives, one of the cornerstones of the Seven Universal laws given by G-d to the human race.

We need to ensure that when we emerge from this ‘war’ we rebuild a more G-dly, moral and compassionate world!

Let us pray. Together. Albeit from the individual homes and rooms that separate us physically but with a love and care that transcends the walls of bricks and mortars. Our collective voice will pierce the Heavens!



Prayers should be backed up with good deeds!

Do another mitzvah. 

If you have tefillin at home, put them on and say Shema.

Give charity to the cause of your choice.

Print out a magazine of Torah study and thought provoking articles to study over Shabbat.

Light candles before Shabbat eighteen minutes before sundown.

Say an extra prayer.

Make kiddush and usher in the sanctity and light of the Shabbat

Reach out to family and friends to touch them with your ‘virtual’ warmth and caring. 

Believe, that there will be a glorious future. 

It is a mitzvah to believe that MASHIACH is coming. Waiting in anticipation for him, speeds his arrival.

Let us enter the Shabbat TOGETHER in unity. 

With FAITH, with JOY with unshakeable TRUST in Hashem that all will be GOOD and IT WILL BE GOOD!!!!!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yosef Kantor

PS if there is anyone looking for a way back to Israel here is a link to a flight that is being organized. I don’t know any details but I am passing it on in case it may be of use to those still stranded here.

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