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Wednesday, 1 April, 2020 - 4:25 am

By the Grace of G-d

Dear Friend,

This email is being sent one week before Passover.

G-d took us out of Egypt in 2448 from creation. Now we are in year 5780 from creation. That means its 3,332 years ago. 

Passover has been celebrated since then without interruption.

It has survived the exiles of Babylon, Rome and the Spanish Inquisition. Seders of some form were held heroically in the Russian Gulags, the ghettos and the concentration camps

It will outlive ‘the’ virus as well!!!!

This virus is dreadful and the disruption it brings in its wake touches everyone.

If you have taken the time to click on some of the above accounts of Pesach in duress, (THE GHETTO LINK IS HEARDRENDING AND PUTS OUT “KVETCHING” AND COMPLAINING IN PERSPECTIVE) you will appreciate the many blessings we have in our lives. Click here for my ‘anti kvetch’ Dayenu thought. 

Passover will be definitely celebrated differently this year but celebrated it will be. 

Guaranteed!!!! But it requires YOUR EFFORTS!!!!

NOW more than ever before, the observance of Pesach is totally hinged on YOU.

Nobody can hold a communal service. Grandparents and parents are isolated from their respective children and grandchildren. Rabbi’s are isolated from their communities. Friends are not able to celebrate in unison. You can’t just ‘show up’ at a seder this year. We are under virtual lockdown all around the world. 

AM YISRAEL CHAI = The Jewish People LIVES and CONTINUES TO THRIVE, this year the celebration of Passover is all dependent on YOU.

YOU need to make the effort to prepare and invest some thought and energy and resources into being a link in the golden chain of our glorious history.

Now more than ever we need to eat matzah – especially SHMURA MATZAH - which is called in the Zohar the food of ‘faith’ and the food of ‘healing’. 

We need faith and we need healing!!!!

We will try to help as much as possible in whatever ways are available. Like getting you matzah so that you too can join the worldwide Jewish communal effort to bring healing to this world.

Here are some pointers in helping to understand the tasks of observing Pesach. 

The two main mitzvahs of Pesach are 

  1. Not eating or even owning any Chametz for the eight days of Pesach.

  2. Eating Matzah on the eve of Pesach and retelling the story of our liberation. 

Below in the second half of the email there are a number of links that may be useful in teaching about how to prepare your home for Pesach.


In order not to be in possession of Chametz during Pesach one either disposes of one’s Chametz or sells it to a non-Jew by e-signing this chametz sale form


In order to celebrate Pesach one should eat matzah on the eve of Pesach. As well as eat bitter herbs (we use lettuce as horseradish doesn’t grow in this climate) and we drink four cups of kosher wine/grape juice.

We are offering a full line of Pesach goods for sale at the JCafe. Click here for the list.

Additionally, we are offering to send complimentary matzahs and grape juice to anybody who requests it so that while we cannot host a communal seder, we can ensure that every Jew has the availability of having a seder in their own home. 

Click here to request the matzah and grape juice for your seder. (As of now we can send anywhere in Thailand but best to order now and not wait as the world is a very fluid place right now).

Our Chabad House restaurant will be kosher for Passover from next week if you wish to order prepared foods. 

You can order a complete Seder plate, as well as a catered full course dinner for delivery on Tuesday (restricted to Bangkok area). Contact Yossi Goldberg by WhatsApp on +6681 753 5071 for details and prices. 

One of the opening lines of the Passover Hagada is ‘all who are hungry should come and eat’. Email me If you would like to have a Passover Seder dinner this Wednesday night but need a help in covering the cost. We will try our best to accommodate all requests please G-d and deliver it to you on Tuesday (limited to Bangkok area for technical reasons).


Please become a ‘spreader’ of Passover’. If you know of any fellow Jew that doesn’t have matzah yet, please let us know where we can send it or we can send  it to you to deliver to them. If viruses spread so rapidly, we need to counterbalance with spreading healing as well. 

We need to follow safe and FDA mandated medical remedies as well as TORAH taught spiritual remedies of healing.

Matzah is a G-d instructed food. Zohar (Kabalah) says its also a food of healing. This year lets make an even greater effort than usual to eat Matza on the Seder eve and enable others to eat Matzah

You don’t yet have a Haggadah?

There are printable options at this click.

If you would like to cook at home, there is info at the second part of the email about koshering your home for Pesach as well as cooking with limited ingredients.

Click here for a lot of other resources especially pertinent for this year.

At the above link you will also find a bunch of other resources that will come in handy during this virus affected time. 

Feeling like you need help to make your own seder?

Here is Rabbi Dubov’s helpful video about running your own seder.

And here is Rabbi Kantor’s zoom class on how to run a seder.

Below find a bunch more links. Including on instructions on how to make charoset.

With blessings to you my dear friend, that G-d bring Mashiach and then we will all celebrate Pesach in Jerusalem, in a rebuilt Temple, Paschal lamb and all, with all of our loved ones, communally, joyfully, healthily and LIBERATEDLY, AMEN

Rabbi Yosef Kantor


for contribution toward sending matzah and SEDER food to fellow Jews in Thailand please click

CLICK HERE To help those in need in Israel HAVE A SEDER


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