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Your Healthy Body & Soul

Friday, 17 April, 2020 - 4:11 am

By the Grace of G-d

Dear Friend,

Its ‘after Pesach’. 

I, and I am sure many others, have been putting off a lot of things for ‘after Pesach’. Lots of hopes and dreams were relegated to ‘after Pesach’.

For one, I was sure that the synagogue would open ‘after Pesach’.

I field calls from anxious people who miss praying with a minyan at the Synagogue about when we can resume prayers (albeit with necessary precautions).

But as painful as it is, I have to answer, no. Our Synagogue cannot open yet. Hopefully soon things will change for the better and we can resume prayers with a minyan. 

(I cannot even imagine the unfathomable pain and anguish of so many of my relatives and friends who has lost loved ones and are not even able to say kaddish or receive Shiva visits in person. Even the comforting rituals that bring solace and healing have been suspended during these troubled times).

Kids (or maybe we parents) hoped that the schools would be talking about opening.

Businessmen were hoping that businesses would resume so that the economies could start up again. 

I know a lot of people want to go to the mall to shop and ‘air out’ and how are you supposed to give ‘Afikoman/Pesach gifts’ without taking the kids to the shop? We were hoping malls would be open for business.

All of us were praying and hopeful that a cure would be found.

Or… infinitely better yet, Mashiach would have come.

Alas, as I emerged from the euphoric cloud of the last meal of Pesach, Seudat Mashiach, the headlines didn’t announce any miraculous turnaround.

Actually, the news I got was pretty sad. The list of those who have passed away has grown tragically longer over this Pesach.

That doesn’t sound like the way to go into Shabbat.

Shabbat is a day of peace, delight, and joy.

Then I remembered, there is another way to look at life.

Not only at the things that aren’t going right.

Rather how about focusing on the things that ARE going right!!!

Breathing for example. While some people are suffering horribly required the aid of oxygen or even worse G-d forbid on ventilators, the vast majority of humanity is breathing effortlessly. 

Fifteen breaths per minute. That is what the average is for adults. 

That would make nine hundred breaths per hour.

And 21,600 breaths per twenty four hour day.

With all our concern and the myriad precautions we are taking to outwit the killer microbe, generally speaking the microbe community is on our side.

The average human has over 100 trillion microbes in and on their body.

Obviously, all it takes is one malfunctioning, or hijacked microbe, to wreak havoc, pain, and unprecedented destruction on our planet.

But isn’t it amazing that the other 100 trillion microbes running around our body all function so cohesively?


For every breath. 

For the labyrinth of veins, the blood cells, the functioning organs, the healthy limbs and the myriads of harmoniously interacting microbes.

And perhaps, once we recognize G-d’s immeasurable kindnesses to us by providing us with our smoothly functioning bodies, we should do our best to stay healthy. 

Healthy physically. Eat well. Exercise periodically and stay sequestered at home if that is what it takes to maintain our health or our very lives.

We must also become a bit more mature than just thinking about our flesh. 

Our SOULS need to be kept in good health as well.

G-d, the master designer of our universe has a detailed remedy for the good health of His people. If you are Jewish, G-d instructs you to eat only certain things while staying away from others.

It is called the laws of Kosher food. Outlined in this weeks Parsha.

Its preventive medicine. 

For a Jew, eating only kosher food is CRITICAL for their health. 

Can it be proven in a laboratory? 

No. because I am talking about spiritual health.

Whether or not unkosher food is healthy does not make a difference. If healthy unkosher food is developed one day, that will not change the rules of kosher one iota. It will still be unkosher for a Jew. Because it says so in the Torah

Its not about physical health. It’s all about spiritual health.

Perhaps a few months ago some would have been more skeptical to listen to instructions that don’t seem to make a difference to the naked eye. Instructions that provide ‘health’ to the soul.

However, we now know (even if we are not epidemiologists) how every single invisible-to-the-naked-eye microbe is so critical to our overall health.

It’s time we get even more sensitive and realize how important it is to have a healthy soul.

Next time you reach for something in the supermarket aisle, think about the importance of keeping our bodies and souls balanced and choose to eat kosher!

It could make all the difference in the world for your soul. 

Your soul is the G-dly energy source of your body. 

Healthy soul, healthy body. 

Healthy body, healthy soul.

Let’s try to stay healthy, body and soul. By eating kosher food, and following the instructions of our medical professionals.

A healthy does of prayer is always good as well!

Now that the synagogue is closed, your house is a synagogue. Study up about prayer. Even if you don’t have a prayer book you can print out a prayer and incorporate it into your daily schedule. By doing that, the air in your home will become spiritually purified.

With blessings for a Shabbat Shalom,

And for AMAZINGLY good news!!!!

Rabbi Yosef Kantor

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