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Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement we announce the writing of a new Torah Scroll for our community!

The Torah is the holiest and most precious article in Jewish life, for thousands of years the Jewish people have studied the Torah and lived by its laws.

The very last Mitzvah in the Torah (#613) is to write a Torah Scroll. It is thus an honor and great Mitzvah to participate in the writing of a Torah Scroll. By endowing a letter, word, or sentence for yourself, your children, family members, or friends, it is as if you have written your own Torah Scroll and have fulfilled this great Mitzvah!

We invite you to join us in writing history by purchasing a letter or verse for each member of your family. You also have the option of dedicating various portions of the Torah, and to buy in honor or memory of a loved one.

Each person will have the unique opportunity to help the scribe write the first letters in the Torah.

Learn more about this special Mitzvah  here. Get involved in the writing of this unity Torah here.

Rabbi Yosef Kantor

Be a part of it!


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