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Chessed Shel Emet Jewish Cemetery Campaign

The ultimate kindness--providing a Jewish burial 

The official policy in Thailand sends all deceased for cremation unless specifically noted otherwise. Absolutely forbidden by the Torah, Jews know cremation to be painful and disrespectful to the body and soul.

You and I do everything in our power to give a person’s body and soul the honor and dignity of entering the afterlife peacefully with a Jewish burial.

From the 50+ people buried in the now-full Jewish cemetery in Bangkok, the vast majority have been destitute. They died alone with no family in their lives to love and care for them. Many of others were Jews with Thai family caring for them, with no concept of Jewish after-life.

Building a Jewish cemetery in Thailand practices the ultimate kindness, a chesed shel emett which can never be repaid. By building the cemetery, you give everlasting peace and honor to someone who can never repay your kindness.
The new cemetery has room for 1200 plots, ensuring proper burial for Jews in Thailand for the next 50 years.


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