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LIVE Inspiration from Bangkok posted on Nov 25, 2022 | 0 Comments
By the Grace of G-d Dear Friend, There was a novice rabbi who was about to give his maiden speech in the synagogue he had been hired to...
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"Shabbat Shalom from Bangkok" posted on Nov 18, 2022 | 0 Comments
By the Grace of G-d Dear Friend, It was Chanuka in the 1970’s during a tense security period in Israel. The Rebbe’s message to his...
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The Torah was given in a desert. This is to teach us that the relevance of Torah and Mitzvahs are not restricted to particular geographic locations. Even in a “desert” a place in which one would least expect it, the Torah is pertinent and applicable. You will be amazed to learn how much the Torah is alive and relevant in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.
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