Chabad House Restaurants and Food Stores

More information is also available on the Hebrew website-

The Chabad Centers in Bangkok (Banglamphuk, Khao San area), Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Laos each have a kosher meat restaurant, bakery and food store on site.  Many items listed on the website, are usually stocked there. The largest stock and selection is available in the main branch, in Bangkok. The Kosher Thailand website also has ordering information and menus for each of the Chabad restaurants.

Bangkok Menu | Chiang Mai Menu | Koh Samui Menu | Phuket Menu | Laos Menu 

 Dairy Pizzaria

 Chabad of Koh Samui and Chabad of Phuket have dairy pizza shops-

 Koh Samui Pizzaria Menu | Phuket Pizzaria Menu 

JCafe Kosher Shoppe - Bangkok

JCafe is a new dairy cafe and food shoppe located in the Mille Malle in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. In addition to the cafe menu, the kosher shop carries a large range of kosher grocery products imported from Israel.

Please click for the JCafe Menu. Please click for the kosher shop product list.

Address: Mille Malle Unit 301, third floor, 66/4 Soi 2 Sukhumvit 20, Bangkok 10100

Hours: Sunday- Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm, Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Telephone: 02-106-4930 

 *More notes about the location: There is a big sign saying Mille Malle Mall, but the sign saying J Café on the street is very small may be overlooked. There is a prominent ‘Wine Connection’ restaurant on the ground floor which is a good landmark.


Thai Kashrut and Local Supermarkets

Many kosher food products can be found in the local supermarkets.

Please visit the Thai Kashrut for a comprehensive 'Kosher Product List' with pictures of many of the kosher items that can be found in local supermarkets. 

It should be noted that the Villa Market store chain has significantly expanded its program in Thailand. Visitors will find that they stock many imported kosher products in its stores.

Also note that many products originating in Australia or England may be kosher without a kashrut symbol. For a list of the kosher food guide from Australia's Kashrut Authority, please click here.  To search for products from England on the Kashrut Division of the London Beit Din's website, please click here

Additional Notes

Fresh Fruit
It is permitted to eat freshly cut fruit from street vendors and stores.

Known Company Brands
One cannot assume that items bearing company names that are manufactured elsewhere under kosher supervision have the same status in Thailand. For example, although NESTLE products in the US and Israel may be produced under kosher supervision, the equivalent products in Thailand may be produced locally using ingredients that are without kosher supervision.

Milk and Dairy
It is recommended not to use milk and dairy products produced without supervision in Thailand even if one is not stringent for "Chalav Yisrael." The government oversight of local milk production may not be as strict and reliable as in other countries and therefore should not be relied upon. Many dairy products are available from JCafe's food shop. They also sometimes have milk.


Fresh and frozen fish with scales that are sold in Thailand are kosher. If the fish is sold precut, it is important to wash them well. One can also find smoked salmon in stores with a kashrut symbol