We are hoping please G‑d to visit Bangkok in February for a few days. Is there anywhere we can get kosher food please?

For a city with such a small permanent Jewish community we are blessed with a very fine kosher restaurant. The Kosher Place located at the Ohr Menachem Chabad House is the only Kosher restaurant in Bangkok.

Managed by Yossi Goldberg, this restaurant boasts a menu containing the full range of kosher food – vegetarian, fish, chicken and meat. As well, it is from this restaurant that all kosher food in Bangkok is catered. For a small additional fee the restaurant will deliver food to your hotel. The prices of food from the Chabad House kosher restaurant are very low, in keeping with Chabad of Thailand’s policy of providing kosher food in Thailand at the same price as equivalent non kosher food thus enabling travelers of all budget sizes to eat kosher food.

For those seeking a more upscale food service delivered to their hotel, this can be arranged at a slightly higher price. For details email [email protected].

I will be in Bangkok for Shabbat, I see from your website that there are three locations for services and meals in Bangkok. Which one do you suggest I attend? What are the differences between the locations?

The Beth Elisheva Synagogue on Sukhumvit Soi 22 is the main community Synagogue – a free standing Synagogue built for that purpose. This is where the majority of the community comes for the High Holidays and Pesach etc. On the average Shabbat there will be a nice blend of local community members and guests and visitors from abroad. The prayer nussach and style is mostly Chabad with Sephardic Chazanim leading some parts of the services. Friday night dinner is served at Rabbi Kantor’s home on the third floor of the Synagogue. Lunch is served after the prayers in the social hall as is Seuda Shlishit. Payment is not required for these Shabbat meals. Accommodations to suit every budget are available within 10 minutes walk.

The Even Chen Synagogue in the Novotel Silom Fenix Bangkok hotel is most popular with the overseas gem dealers as it is in the Silom area, the main Gem and Jewelry district. There are also several local families that attend this synagogue regularly. This prayer nussach and style is Sephardic. Meals are served after both services in the adjoining dining hall as well as Seuda Shlishit. Payment of THB 500 (approx USD 13) is expected per meal (excluding Seuda Shlishit). For someone not wanting to leave the hotel on Shabbat this is an ideal location as you can go directly from your room in the hotel to the the Shul without going outdoors. 

The Chabad House near Kaosarn Rd is the flagstaff Chabad House of the “backpackers”. Some 300-500 Israeli backpackers attend the services and Shabbat meals at the Chabad house every week. The meals are full of spirit with plenty of singing. For those who have the energy, there is an Oneg Shabbat led by Rabbi Wilhelm that usually does not end before midnight. The youthful energy and meaningful learning that goes on at this location makes it an unforgettable experience. There are however not really good hotels in the area. This is a good location if staying on during the week as the Kosher restaurant is in the Chabad house.

For hotel info near the respective Synagogues see Hotel Accommodations

I will be on vacation in Phuket next month, what can I expect there in terms of Synagogues and Kosher food?

In Phuket the Chabad House has been established in the area which is most popular among young Jewish backpackers in Patong Beach. Most higher class tourist will probably find that their hotel is not on this beach as Phuket is a big island and has many beaches. Chances are that your hotel is not within walking distance to the Chabad House.

The Phuket Chabad house currently operates a Kosher restaurant aimed at servicing the needs of the Jewish Backpackers. Services are held daily and on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, meals are served following the services.

For more information on Chabad in Phuket click here

The Graceland Hotel is a 5 star hotel within 5 minutes walk to Chabad House. As there are 2 post offices on Patong Beach it would be wise to ask for the Patong Post Office near the Graceland Hotel.

Higher end tourists may appreciate our Kosher Food Catering services:
There is currently an option for Kosher food to be ordered to Phuket (or anywhere else in Thailand) from our Bangkok restaurant. This food service is not subsidized as are the restaurants that Chabad of Thailand operate for the backpackers and meals cost approx $25-35 per meal per person. Meals are shipped to the chef of your hotel and double wrapped for kosher heating in the hotel's oven. For menu options please email [email protected]

Where can I get kosher food in Thailand?

There are kosher restaurants at all of the Chabad Houses, which are cost subsidized. We do send food to local hotels from the individual Chabad Houses at the regular reduced prices plus the price of delivery to the hotel. Please refer to our Tourist Page for contact information for the individual Chabad houses.

Can I order kosher food for delivery anywhere in Thailand?

There is currently an option for Kosher food to be ordered to anywhere in Thailand from our Bangkok restaurant. This food service is a “for profit” service provided by Chabad (i.e. not subsidized as are the restaurants that Chabad of Thailand operates for the backpackers) and costs approx $25-35 per meal per pax. Meals are shipped directly to your hotel and double wrapped for heating in the hotels oven.

The contact information to order food is Yossi Goldberg, who can be reached at [email protected]

Is there a charge for Shabbat meals?

With the exception of Shabbat meals at the Even Chen Synagogue, there is no charge for Shabbat meals. If you would like to make a donation to Chabad Thailand, in order to help us to continue to provide these services for free, your donation is welcome here

How do I make reservations for Shabbat meals?

You can make reservations for a Shabbat meals via email or by calling the appropriate center.

Is any of the food in the local supermarkets kosher? Can we buy fresh fruit and fish from vendors in Thailand?

Yes, there are various food products that can be found in the local supermarkets that are kosher. Please click here for general guidelines to kosher food in Thailand.